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In April of 1998 the regional library went online, with Internet access available at every branch of the library. The new service was extremely popular, but public concerns about unrestricted access to mature content fueled a public discussion about putting filters on all library computers. Follow the links below to read about how the Board of Trustees and library administrators took what the public said and turned it into an Internet policy that respects the rights of parents and children.

  April 5, 1994 Libraries make computers available Yakima Herald-Republic
  June 22, 1999 Libraries due for some changes Yakima Herald-Republic
  multilple dates Internet filtering controversy Yakima Herald-Republic
  November 9, 1999 A look at the library Yakima Herald-Republic
  November 9, 1999 Library strikes a compromise Yakima Herald-Republic
  November 9, 1999 Critics say filters can falter Yakima Herald-Republic
  December 1, 1999 Library puts Net policy into effect today Yakima Herald-Republic


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