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New Regional Library Building Replaces Carnegie Building

Bringing together Yakima's city and rural libraries proved to be a very successful strategy. Services provided by the combined library system, known as Yakima Valley Regional Library, were so popular that library headquarters had outgrown the Yakima Carnegie building by the mid-1950's. The Board of Trustees and library administrators began planning for the next phase of growth - replacing the Carnegie building. Follow the links below to learn what it took to design the new building, find the money and get approval for the project, move out of the Carnegie for demolition, and finally, move into the modern, new Yakima Valley Regional Library headquarters.

  [1953] YVRL Report
  January 30, 1955 Report showing growth of the library 1950 - 1954 YVRL Report
  September 25, 1957 Yakima Sunday Herald
  November 6, 1957 YVRL document
  July 24, 1958 YVRL document
  January 6, 1959 Yakima Daily Republic
  January 11, 1959 YVRL Report
  January 11, 1959 Yakima Daily Republic
  January 11, 1959 Yakima Sunday Herald
  1959 1959 report to the community with information on how the regional library operated, the services provided, and service locations. YVRL Report

January 11, 1959


YVRL document

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