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Yakima Valley Libraries is located in Yakima County in South Central Washington State. Yakima County is 4,296 square miles or approximately 2.75 million acres and is the second largest county in Washington State. Yakima Valley Libraries is a junior taxing district that provides library services to the general public and is supported primarily through property taxes. The rural county library and 16 community libraries located throughout Yakima County. All towns and cities, with the exception of the City of Grandview, are either annexed cities or contract with Yakima Valley Libraries for library services. The four contracted cities include Mabton, Granger, Tieton, and Naches. Yakima Valley Libraries currently serves over 240,000 people in the Yakima County.

Just minutes from the mountains with over 40 wineries and 6 golf courses, the Yakima Valley offers many other amenities to ensure plenty of choice activities.

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